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To be business wise, consider smart fleet. Together we will move material for you with the perfect man-machine interface, focused on reducing downtime, maintaining uptime and enhancing productivity. If you are a start-up that doesn’t wish to purchase expensive machinery, or a company restricted by limitations to increase your inventory, it makes sense to outsource from Welcome to the service world of reliable and renowned Forklifts & other Warehouse Equipment, rented from as a cost-effective alternative to owning capital intensive machinery. We have a large fleet of Forklifts & other Material Handling Equipment at your service so you are reassured of the right sized equipment at the right time. Since all our equipments are maintained very well by our team of experts as per manufacturer’s protocol, you do not have to worry about breakdowns. Available in flexible rental contracts from as brief as a day, or a week, to a month or a year, or longer for up to 7 years.

Why Lease?

  • ● Easy cash flow management – 100% Financing
    ● Save capital to invest in the core business
    ● Convenience in asset management
    ● You do not have to worry about cost of inflation
    ● Operate with today’s cost in tomorrow’s environment
    ● Prevent equipment obsolescence
    ● More focus on core business activities
    ● No hassle of manpower hiring, parts storage, insurance etc.

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Each of our forklift training courses provide you with the skills required to perform your job safely and efficiently…

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