Q1: What is the use of Material Handling Equipment (MHE)?

The MHE is used for the handling of palletized loads to move from one point to another, and for storage and retrieval in & out of the racking.

Q2: How to Choose the right Material Handling Equipment (MHE) for Your Warehouse and Business?

Prior to choosing the MHEs, the following areas should be studied and answered,

  • Type of the Operation
  • Infrastructure availability like warehouse area, racking type, battery charging/fuel arrangements of the machine etc.
  • Dimensions & weight of the Load
  • Handling parameters of the Load

The right MHE for the warehouse would improve efficiency and the safety for the operations.

Q3: How can my operations benefit from MHE Operator’s training?

Prior to choosing the MHEs, the following areas should be studied and answered,

  • Training will help operator to improve his/her knowledge on the MHE and its operation along with the operating skills.
  • By learning about the MHE parts, functions, and dos & don’ts of the forklift operations, the operators will be able to perform in efficient and safe way.

Q4: What maintenance is required for my forklift truck?

  • Like any other machinery, the MHE requires preventive maintenance as replacing some consumables and servicing the components to ensure the smooth running of hydraulics and electric/engine components, which can get tired due to the fair wear and tear.

Q5: What should you be aware of while operating a forklift?

  • Type of the MHE
  • Load capacity of the machine
  • Type of the load to be handled
  • Read the load chart of the machine to handle the loads accordingly
  • Surrounding area of the operating place

Q6: What are the most popular forklift attachments?

There are various types of attachments available in the forklift based on the business requirement, some of the most common types are;

  • Push Pull Attachment
  • Bale Clamp attachment
  • Paper Roll attachment
  • Multi-forks attachment
  • Fork positioner attachment

Q7: How does a fleet management system work?

The fleet management is a remote monitoring system fitted on the machine. It is accessed by the key fob to turn on the machine. The monitoring device is equipped with the GPS accessories and sim card to send an uninterrupted data to the dedicated server. The server processes the data and make it readily available on the dedicated web portal for customer’s review, which is accessible through login credentials.

Q8: How does fleet management benefit the operations?

Fleet Management System provides the real time information about the machine in terms of its utilization and safe driving and thereby improves the productivity and safety. The customer can access the following information to ensure the maximum efficiency and safety.

  • Operator’s access control & authorization
  • Real time monitoring – uptime, productivity, past data
  • Operating behavior for Impact/harsh driving events
  • Various reports for productivity analysis
  • Machine idling notification
  • Geo-fencing