ABOUT O.rentals

It Pays To Rent The Most Profitable Task Force

To be business wise, consider O.rentals fleet smart. Together we’ll move the earth with the perfect man-machine interface in the UAE.

If you are a startup that doesn’t wish to purchase expensive machinery or a company restricted by limitations to increase your inventory, it makes eminent sense to outsource from O.rentals. Press into service world renowned Forklifts & Warehousing Equipment, Crawler Cranes, Tele-handlers, Power Generation Systems and allied equipment rented from O.rentals as a cost effective alternative to owning capital intensive machinery.

We have an incredibly large fleet at your service so you are reassured of the right sized equipment at the right time. Since all our machineries are maintained very well, you can eliminate worries. The contract period for rent is flexible to accommodate periods as brief as a day or longer for a week, month or a year.


Temporary needs To increase production
Rent before buying To cut cost drastically
Proof prior to investing To monitor real time returns
Prohibitive transport cost To avoid machine breakdown
Gauge exact expense To afford high capital investment
Very low investments To improve cash flow

At O.rentals we understand how reduced labor, material costs and streamlining current status of a service contract directly impacts your bottom-line. So you can count on our marketing arm to analyze, determine and recommend the perfect solution to fit specific project.

O.rentals has a full-fledged complex in Dubai, ably assisted by state-of-the-art service management tools and facilities that keep equipment in constant operational readiness for problem-free performance on-site. Great care is taken to ensure that each unit is revamped in accordance with the manufacturer’s stringent specifications.


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& Available globally


  • Brand new equipment from world leaders
  • Technical support, design and site consultation before mobilization of equipment
  • 24×7 service and on-site repairs
  • Quality installations, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • On-site factory trained professionals, operators and technicians
  • Lube and maintenance vehicles with specialized tooling and large stock of spare parts
  • Operator training to maximize your production
  • Latest accessories and enhancements like GPS to increase productivity, accuracy, reliability and safety
  • Prompt and immediate deliveries
  • Fleet management system via GPS/GPRS, to monitor our equipment from our officess.