Remote Fleet Monitoring System -

Know what your trucks are doing has introduced Wireless Remote Monitoring System (RMS) for their fleets, which enables effective fleet management to support demanding materials handling operations in a safe manner. The system controls the operator’s access to the equipment, which disables the unauthorized use of machines and in turn increases accountability. The system is able to track the operating behavior of a forklift and its operator through the logging of events and alerts.

How it works?



Forklift equipped with Fleetwave Fleet Management and Safety System


ForkTrack Module

Compact multi-voltage sealed (IP76) module with backlit 3″ LCD display and countless controls. The Fleetwave module also comprises a modern, batter back-up, Nono-volatile memory and high performance microprocessor in one sleek design.


WiFi/2G/3G Communications

Multiple options are available for web connection for the Fleetwave module. The array of technology available ensures the best and most reliable communications in any application from density warehousing to remote locale.



Dedicated high capacity secure servers store all information sent back from the Fleetwave units, allowing full reporting functionality.


Online Reporting

Fleetwave Online Reporting gives fleet managers powerful, real-time control and visibility over their entire industrial fleet. The unique system allows fleet managers. OH&S managers and supervisors to monitor, manage and analyse at company, division, site and vehicle levels. A specifically designed ‘dashboard’ handles the data analysis, providing clear, concise and interactive charts to enable first glance awareness of fleet performance, efficiency and safety.

Some of the Key Benefits include

  • Asset protection
  • Driver’s access control
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved safety
  • Impact/harsh events monitoring
  • Remote monitoring
  • Machine idling notification
  • Various reports for analysis